YMB Podcast E30: A Bitcoin Beginner

Okcoin, a Bitcoin BankBitcoin can often be very difficult to describe. If we tried to explain all of the basics on our own, we would certainly end up leaving some Bitcoin beginners confused with our highfalutin cryptocurrency terminology and technical descriptions. That is why we decided to bring an actual Bitcoin beginner on the show, so he could stop us and ask questions anytime he did not understand something. Winter Trabex was our guest of honor this week and we loved having him. While nobody could ever fully explain cryptocurrency in one episode, we still had a blast chatting about how to mine Bitcoin, how to buy it, what a blockchain is, and a whole lot more. Tune in to this fabulous, extra-long episode for Bitcoin beginners!

We also mentioned a few helpful Bitcoin services in the show, so we wanted to post the links here. Coinbase is an extremely convenient place to buy Bitcoin in the US. If you sign up through that link, then we can both get $5 worth of free Bitcoin after you buy or sell at least $100 worth. PurseIO is a great place to buy Bitcoin with a credit card. The service also allows you to get a discount when purchasing your Amazon wishlist with Bitcoin.

We mentioned Liberty.me in the show as well, because that is where we found Winter Trabex. The service is a feature-packed social media network geared toward liberty-minded people. You can try the site free for 30 days and when you decide it is worth paying for, use the promo code 'YMB' to get $5 off your monthly subscription! Check it out!

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