ATB Coin Token Added to the HitBTC Exchange

ATB Coin is now on HitBTC, the 4th leading сryptocurrency exchange in the world with over $166 million in daily trading volume.

HitBTC allows traders examine the best features of ATB Coin which include high speed, the highest level of security, and other advantages. The new cryptocurrency can change everyday life for the better. Among the most significant benefits are:

  1. Segregated Witness allows for optimized blocks and transactions. This feature increases the number of transactions in each block several times compared to most other popular cryptocurrencies. And that means much faster transactions.

  2. Lightning Network provides an opportunity for ATB Coin users to almost instantly make an unlimited number of transactions between users with a reduced commission and without waiting for confirmation from the blockchain network.

  3. ATB Coin uses a proof-of-stake (PoS) protocol to confirm cryptocurrency transactions. The technology boasts environmental friendliness and does not require the use of energy resources for coin mining. When using this method, the algorithm for generating blocks with transactions does not depend on the capacity of the mining equipment. Instead, accounts with greater balance are more likely to generate blocks.

  4. "ATB offline codes" are a unique solution from the ATB Coin developers. The concept enables users to link any amount of their balance to a specific identifier (special code) that they can write on a sheet of paper, print, or simply photograph. ATB offline codes are especially promising for instant payments, when it's enough to have the recorded code and make payments anywhere. This can work even without access to the internet and a direct wallet.

    This technology is also great for placing coins in cold storage. It allows for maximum security, since users can create paper wallets without internet access.

Every party involved in an ATB Coin transaction gets benefits. For HitBTC, this move will lead to market expansion and a notable rise in trading volumes. ATB Coin will be able to offer its users trading on a reliable and stable platform.

Read more about the project and download a wallet on ATB Coin's official website.

ATB Coin
40 Wall Street, 28th Floor
New York, NY 10005
+1 (886) 337-3940

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