e-Chat Showing Potential To Dominate Biggest Market In World: China

The number of e-Chat subscribers in social networks has significantly increased. More and more people all over the world are interested in e-Chat, a decentralized messenger, especially since the start of the pre-ICO in the middle of October, 2017. At the moment e-Chat has more than 42,000 followers on Facebook, 6,200 on Twitter, and 870 on Telegram. However, all of those numbers are constantly growing. The potential audience of the e-Chat is more than 3 billion people. So what is the phenomenon behind e-Chat and how can you start making profit on it right now?

First of all, it's necessary to mention that e-Chat can legally work in a market as large as China with a population of 1.379 billion people. More than 600 million people there regularly use smartphones. It's a very important moment, as in 2014 the Chinese authorities banned Google's search engine and all related services: Google Play, Google Maps, and Gmail. Providers such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Yahoo, and SoundCloud have also been blocked.

The interest in e-Chat isn't restricted to Chinese users. It includes everyone who is interested in advanced technologies, personal security, or proft. E-Chat is already a working application, available in the Apple AppStore and Google Play. In the near future, it may seriously compete with existing messengers as it has several advantages that render it truly unique. The best feature is the ability to monetize content. Every user can earn on his popularity. It's also necessary to mention the decentralized system of personal data protection and multi-currency wallet.

Everyone can start to earn money on e-Chat right now, before the end of the pre-ICO on the 15th of November. Profit may come as the price of the ECHT token rises. The number of users and their content will grow particularly fast because of the Chinese market and users. This will cause the amount of memory allocated to them to be filled, which will then require the addition of other tokens from users. For large amounts of memory, this will be a symbolic number, but in the context of millions of users, such a demand will be a significant increase to the exchange rate of the token on the market. Since users will be able to purchase the eternal volume of memory at a fixed price in tokens, the value of these tokens will grow. The token will burn out, which in the medium and long term will cause the deflation process and with the reduction of the number of tokens in turnover, will additionally contribute to the increase in value of the token and its exchange rate on the market.

Every innovative product is created by a powerful team of professionals with a good business reputation and e-Chat is not an exception. CEO Thomas C. Sima has over 15 years of experience working with international clients and has represented clients in a broad range of activities, from oil and gas to investment funds. Chief Marketing Officer Edwin Dearborn has delivered hundreds of workshops to over 10,000 individuals. Vincent Veisman, the CFO and Israel Regional Manager, is well-known in the business sphere of not only his country, but abroad as well. He successfully works as the International Financial Adviser and Business Development Director at companies G Tech Media Development Ltd. and Bank4YOU.

As we mentioned earlier, e-Chat in comparison with other similar resources, will be able to work legally in China. This provides a huge advantage for e-Chat when compared to its competitors. For that reason, an invite to join the program has been made to Jeff Marquass, who has over 17 years experience as a businessman and specializes in Asian business ethics.

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