Early Launch for Graft’s MainNet

The global blockchain-based payment platform, Graft, has moved its mainnet launch to an earlier date, January 16, 2018, before the launch date of their Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which was scheduled on January 18.

Graft is an ICO project that has developed their own blockchain. This project is backed up by a dedicated team that has developed a blockchain built around the merchants' systems and processes, by combining the most advanced payment technologies available, with the purpose of solving the current issues that merchants face. With Graft Blockchain, merchants will be able to accept cryptocurrencies at the point of sale as easily as they would do with money or credit cards.

Unlike other competitors that base their tokens on ERC20, Graft runs on its own blockchain. Because of this, the Graft blockchain-based network will not experience underlying Ethereum problems such as latency and fees, enabling the company to provide reliable and optimum payment services.

Since bitcoin's appearance, blockchain technology has been said to revolutionize the financial system. But ten years have passed since bitcoin's introduction, and the traditional financial system remains largely unaffected by the impact of blockchain. One motive for cryptocurrencies not going mainstream is that many of the available cryptocurrencies were not created with the purpose of being effective as a transaction medium (at a point of sale) compared to the existing payment options.

Using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is currently costlier for consumers compared to using credit or debit cards. Transaction fees could be as high as $30. Also, existing cryptocurrencies do not offer merchants, who are wary regarding the legal and tax implications of accepting cryptocurrency, the option to choose in which currencies they would like to cash out. Graft is determined to come with a solution to these problems and help cryptocurrency gain mainstream acceptance.

Transactions that occur on the Graft network will have real-time confirmation and transaction fees be only a small percentage of the existing cryptocurrencies, and it will be determined by the amount transacted not by the network load, as is the case for Bitcoin. The network was also designed to encourage micro-transactions. Furthermore, Graft works with existing payment operations and infrastructure, enabling merchants to accept payments in their country's fiat currency and cryptocurrencies. That means that Graft allows crypto payments to work just as fast and smoothly as MasterCard, Visa, and Amex.

The Graft Blockchain ICO will be held from January 18th to February 18th, with a hard cap of $25 million. If you're interested in the Graft Blockchain ICO - you may find more info below.


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