Is First-of-its-Kind SwissBorg the Future of Wealth Management?

In an increasingly digital world, it could be argued that the financial services industry is ripe for digital disruption. As the world's first Swiss wealth management solution offering tailor-made crypto investment services, SwissBorg may be the organisation to cause that disruption and spark innovation and change.

What Is SwissBorg?

Essentially, SwissBorg is a DEO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) that offers investment solutions for cryptos. SwissBorg's objective is to create a democratic, decentralized, and professional ecosystem to manage your portfolio of crypto assets. It aims to simplify cryptocurrency trading and improve the user experience using the following:

+Swarm intelligence, the combined intelligence of the SwissBorg community, and quality advisory tools.

+Efficient analytical tools with quality data, indicators and statistics.

+Blockchain technology to make the investing process simpler, faster and cheaper.

+Fairness, transparency, accessibility and trust are the cornerstones of the SwissBorg ethos, evolving the traditional financial services industry for today's digital world.

Who Is SwissBorg For?

One of the key features of SwissBorg is that it can be used by pretty much anyone, including individuals, financial experts, and other DAOs to manage a portfolio of crypto assets. Individuals who want to manage their own portfolios will benefit from cryptographic investment indexes, while those who want to enlist a financial expert to manage the portfolio for them will benefit from the SwissBorg smart mandate – essentially a contract powered by Ethereum Blockchain technology - for ultimate peace of mind. In a nutshell, SwissBorg offers democratic, trustworthy and transparent investment services for the management of crypto-wealth.

If you are a member of the financial community – for example, a wealth manager or quantitative investment manager – SwissBorg will allow access to an innovative cryptocurrency investment model, featuring best of breed technologies (including Blockchain and AI) to best serve your clients.

And if you're a DAO, SwissBorg presents a viable option for multi-cryptocurrency cash management in a world that's evolving ever more towards tokenisation.

Why Choose SwissBorg?

Whether you're a DAO, part of the financial community or a private crypto-asset holder, there are numerous reasons to choose SwissBorg as your offchain meets onchain wealth management solution.

+Tailor-made Service

SwissBorg believes that every person is unique and, as such, should have a tailor-made service developed to match their crypto-asset management requirements.


As a meritocracy, SwissBorg gives each member of its community the chance to contribute to the development of SwissBorg – and to be rewarded accordingly.

+Smart Contracts

The Smart Contract is a key feature of SwissBorg, allowing accessibility and customization through a combination of cryptography and digitization. Each client has his own Smart Contract (also known as a Smart Mandate) to allow the configuration of their banking requirements and investment strategies, and transparent collaboration with financial advisers.


SwissBorg is proud to carry the Swiss values of reliability, precision and forward-thinking. Its eventual aim is to achieve regulation in Switzerland as an offchain meets onchain financial services solution.

+Swarm Intelligence

The swarm intelligence is a core benefit of SwissBorg, as it utilizes the combined user experience to develop highly qualified and personalized investment advice.

+Advanced Tech

Blockchain and AI technology combine to enable the best asset management solutions.

How To Invest?

At the moment there are two ways to invest with SwissBorg, the Cryptallion token and the CHSB token.

+SB Cryptallion Token

The Cryptallion token hedge fund has the objective of achieving sustainable absolute returns in crypto currencies. Diversified strategies allow this hedge fund to maintain lower levels of volatility and risk.

+SwissBorg CHSB Token

The SwissBorg CHSB token allows holders to become SwissBorg members and vote on technical project development, as well as receive sharing revenue from the SwissBorg network as a SwissBorg 'shareholder'.

Essentially designed and developed to simplify cryptocurrency trading and improve the user experience for individuals, financial service experts and other DAOs, SwissBorg is a digital wealth management community set to disrupt the future world of investments in the most exciting way.

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