Globcoin’s Expected ICO Release Date

What does Globcoin do?

Founded in Geneva, Switzerland, Globcoin is a Group that takes full advantage of the new available technologies to provide innovative currency management services to all individuals. After five years of successfully working with thousands of clients, Globcoin has decided to create their own ICO.

Globcoin will give customers the possibility to create and customize currency baskets according to their needs and uses. The baskets are made up out of portfolios of selected currencies with different weightings, including gold. These baskets create a stable and safe system that avoids the negative consequences of abrupt fluctuations in a currency's value.

Globcoin has implemented its technologies on the Ethereum blockchain, along with the solutions provided by the following groups:

- Reserve Currency Solutions (RCS SA) - established since 2012 in Zug, Switzerland, it has the purpose of creating and developing managed currency products such as Global Reserve Currency. Several pieces of IP related to multi-currency index management belong to RCS.
- OptimInvest - a regulated member of the OARG (Organisme d'Autorégulation des Gérants de Patrimoine), this Geneva-based currency manager provides advisory mandates for large clients.
- GLOBCOIN Ltd., created in 2016 ,- this company markets one of the first multi-currency e-wallets linked to a multi-currency Platinum Mastercard that provides its owner an access to interbank foreign exchange rates and free instant peer-to-peer transactions in most of the world's available currencies. Based in London , its clients are business and individuals travellers and expatriates out of 32 countries.

Through RCS' solution, Globcoin has two EC20-based tokens which are:

- GCP, a Utility Token that is used to perform transactions while also issuing and accessing various currency baskets on the platform.
- GLX, a token that works as a store of value for 15 of the largest fiat currencies and gold. To exchange GLX into fiat currency, you will need the GCP Utility Token.

The Globcoin Team:

Globcoin's staff is split between their locations in London and Geneva, and is comprised of talented and professional individuals that have experience in the finance and technological sector.

Helie d'Hautefort, the company's co-founder, has had a lot of experience in what regards currency management. He set up the first European currency overlay manager, and is part of the Peugeot Group's currency hedging management, which manages currency options portfolios at various banks.

Bertrand Weisgerber is co-founder and creator of the TLS Contact, a world leader of visa application with centers in over 62 countries. Bertrand has participated in large ventures like SESA-Cap Gemini and Axime-ATOS; and started his own investment company which applied new technologies in traditional finance sectors.

Globcoin's ICO

By putting up for sale GCP utility tokens, Globcoin will raise funds that will be allocated to the budget for continuation of the development of the platform, covering inter-alia, infrastructure, market data, simulation tools, currency portfolio management tools, and creation of new products. The resources will also be used to cover operational costs, legal support, and partnership programs.

The token sale's official date is the 13th of January. The GLX token will not be available for purchasing.

- Token name - GCP
- GCP created per 1 Ether - 100;
- Minimum Ether to be collected (participants can claim a refund if this floor is not reached) - 5,000
- Maximum Ether (the token sales ends if this cap is reached) - 150,000
- Maximum Ether (the pre-sale ends if this cap is reached) - 30,000
- Maximum number of tokens generated to crowdsale participants - 15,850,000 to 37.8%
- Maximum number of tokens generated to pre-sale participants - 5,100,000 to 12.2%
- Maximum number of tokens generated for future business development, and market expansion - 12,570,000 to 30%
- Maximum number of tokens generated to team, adviser and early backers - 8,380,000 to 20%
- Maximum number of GCP generated - 41,900,000 to 100%

Follow Globcoin at some of these events:

- London Blockchain Week: January 18-19
- 6th North American Bitcoin Conference: January 18-19, in Miami
- Crypto Finance Conference: January 17-19, in St. Moritz, Switzerland
- DC Blockchain Summit: March 6-8, in Washington

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