Prime-Ex Perpetual’s PEX-Token Trading Pairs now available at YoBit Exchange

Prime-Ex Perpetual has recently introduced PEX-Token (PEXT) trading at the cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Prime-Ex Perpetual is a Panama-based real estate developer and homebuilder that uses the PEX-Token as prime currency within their real estate ecosystem geared towards financing homes for expats.

PEX-Token is an Ethereum-based ERC20 token used in the Prime-Ex Perpetual real estate ecosystem. It's the prime currency used by homebuyers to pay their monthly mortgage payment. Prime-Ex Perpetual has devised a self-sustaining ecosystem centered on this currency wherein 80% of the profits made by the company go back to the PEX-token holders, including the homebuyers.

The vital role that PEX-Tokens play in the Prime-Ex Perpetual ecosystem renders it crucial for them to be available for trading in reliable cryptocurrency exchange platforms. YoBit is the perfect platform to be used for that purpose as it's new, reliable, and is fully-decentralized.

"Our supporters have been waiting patiently since the end of our ICO for a good trading pair on a prominent exchange," said John Gilbert, CEO and Co-Founder, Prime-Ex Perpetual.

"We're happy for what this means for future PEX-Token liquidity and adoption of our solution for residential real estate. It represents the latest step forward for us as we continue our proof of concept. We hope to announce more trading pairs on other exchanges soon."

Prime-Ex Perpetual recently completed its ICO, achieving token sales of over 14 million (14,000,000) PEX-Tokens. Prime-Ex Perpetual is an equitable project based on equity participation from the lenders, developers, builders, and the buyers, thus wiping away all interest rate risks attached to dealings with traditional banks.

YoBit was first introduced to the BitcoinTalk forum in 2015. It's a reliable and feature-rich platform that can be likened to other well-established exchange platforms like Bittrex. Trading in YoBit promises both efficiency and user satisfaction.

The PEXT/BTC pairing can be traded at

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