Token Generation Event Will Enable Urban Air Mobility

Making urban air mobility a reality with an aircraft that takes off and lands like a helicopter and flies like an airplane is one of the goals of the proposed VAIR Token.

VAIR issuer VIMANA Global has built two prototypes for a Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV). The VIMANA AAV is designed to fly like an airplane, land and take off like a helicopter, and operate under remote control like a drone.

The AAV will be operated with VIMANA's blockchain-based air-traffic control solution. The solution is supposed to form the basis of Blockchain Airspace which is intended to make air taxis, air limos, and air-delivery services in urban areas a reality.

The VIMANA AAV will be operated by blockchain technology deployed through the VIMANA Network. Third parties and partners will be able to operate other aircraft through the VIMANA Network and ecosystem. The ecosystem will include access to Blockchain Airspace.

Token Generation Designed to Kick-Start Blockchain Airspace

To support the deployment of its AAV and the development of Blockchain Airspace, VIMANA plans to issue its VAIR Token in 2018. Funds attracted via VAIR Token Generation Event (TGE) will augment funds raised from angel investors in 2017.

The money from the angel investors was used to finance the design and construction of prototypes for the VIMANA AAVs and Blockchain Airspace nodes. The proceeds of the VAIR TGE will fund the Smart City effort which is designed as an initiation project for Blockchain Airspace and urban air mobility.

"While VIMANA's story will start with a single Smart City deployment, eventually we are hoping to scale VIMANA Network, production of VIMANA AAVs and consequently Blockchain Airspace to over 100 smart cities around the world, linking their airspace via VAIR-token enabled Blockchain Airspace," said Evgeny Borisov, VIMANA CEO and co-founder.

VIMANA Global is in negotiations for strategic agreements with Smart Cities within five jurisdictions. The location of the first Smart City is expected to be announced in 2018.

Details of the VAIR Token and the TGE will be announced in 2018. Persons who qualify for a "White List" will be given the opportunity to buy VAIR before the token generation event.

To register for the VIMANA VAIR Token sale White List please visit our website or e-mail [email protected].


Redwood City-based VIMANA Global is building a Blockchain Airspace-based VIMANA Universe.

It includes VIMANA Network; a flagship product consisting of blockchain nodes, VIMANA AAVs, and VIMANA protocols enabling the network and connecting it to public blockchain. VIMANA Network is accessible to partners and third parties via open APIs.

The first instance of Blockchain Airspace will be enabled as part of VIMANA's commercial deployments in Urban Air Mobility markets. To this end a team of aerospace engineers led by CEO Evgeny Borisov is developing one and four-seater VTOL AAVs, intended as passenger transport.

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