YMB Christmas Day 7: Twelve Days of Bitcoin Song

Twelve Days of Bitcoin Song

This is day seven of the Twelve Days of YMB Christmas! Today's feature is John Stuart's fantastic new Bitcoin song, The Twelve Days of Bitcoin. There's nothing like a good parody during the Christmas season! Tune in to learn about some of Satoshi's best Christmas gifts! Watch our awesome slideshow in the video below and be sure to catch the audio-only version too, so you can get today's secret hashtag.

If you haven't heard about …

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YMB Christmas Day 6: Jeffrey Tucker

Jeffrey Tucker

This is day six of the Twelve Days of YMB Christmas! Today, we're speaking with Jeffrey Tucker, the Chief Liberty Officer of Liberty.me. He's joined us before for a special in July 2014, and we loved having him. That's why he's back to tell us some important ways in which Bitcoin has developed over the past year and how it can continue to change our world. He'll even share a story about a helicopter …

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YMB Podcast E51: The Changetip Debate

Changetip Bitcoin Tipping

This is day five of our Twelve Days of YMB Christmas extravaganza! Today we're talking about Changetip, a popular Bitcoin tipping network. One critic recently published an article explaining some of the service's flaws. Tim generally agrees with this author and will explain why Changetip could be useless or worse. Daniel generally believes otherwise. Despite the flaws, he thinks Changetip is still an innovative idea.

Tune in for a great debate! Your hosts are …

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YMB Christmas Day 4: Bitcoin Resilience

This is day four of the Twelve Days of YMB Christmas! Today's special is hosted by Tim Baker. He'll do something in this show that is not always easy for Bitcoin enthusiasts: he'll be honest about the falling Bitcoin price. Although we often say that the price is not that important (which is generally true) it can still hurt to watch it fall. Tim will explain how tough that can be but he'll also reiterate …

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YMB Christmas Day 3: Amagi Metals CEO, Stephen Macaskill

This is day three of the Twelve Days of YMB Christmas! Today, we're rejoined by Stephen Macaskill, the CEO of Amagi Metals. He was the first guest ever featured on the You, Me, and BTC podcast, all the way back in episode 11!

This time around, Mr. Macaskill will share some of his experiences since that show and chat about his plans for the coming years. He hopes to begin providing international vault …

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YMB Christmas Day 2: Bitcoin Nostalgia

This is day two of the Twelve Days of YMB Christmas! Today's anniversary special will be hosted by just John Stuart. Although many people appreciate the growth Bitcoin has seen over the past year, John encourages a shift of focus in today's special. He wants the Bitcoin community to remember the experiences and memories that we've created together. Making money and building the Bitcoin economy are certainly good things, but John will remind us about …

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YMB Christmas Day 1: Bitcoin Teaches

Welcome to the first of the Twelve Days of YMB Christmas! By coincidence, the 52nd episode of the You, Me, and BTC podcast is scheduled for release on Christmas day. Since there are 52 weeks in a year, that episode will also mark one full year of podcasting fun, and we want to celebrate! To do so, we'll be releasing a variety of awesome, brand new content for twelve days in a row, leading up …

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YMB Podcast E50: A Bitcoin Auction and Wall of Coins

We're kicking things off today with a discussion about the 50,000 BTC recently auctioned off by the US Marshals Service. The coins had been taken from Ross Ulbricht, the alleged leader of the original Silk Road. Then later in the show, we'll be chatting with Robert Genito, the administrator of a Bitcoin exchange platform called Wall of Coins. The service allows you to quickly purchase bitcoins by depositing cash at your local bank. Mr. …

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